33148 The study of second Language Acquisition

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the background and theoretical aspects of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Some fundamental considerations of the nature of language and language learning will be discussed first. Then ideas and research that have provided the framework for SLA will be represented. Other aspects of SLA will be surveyed and discussed in order to contribute further understanding of second language acquisition processes. These processes include description of learner language, the role of linguistic environment, the learner’s internal mechanisms (cognitive and affective factors), individual learner differences and instructed second language acquisition. The course will help students to understand and appreciate these crucial processes in the learning of additional languages after the native or first language. It will also outline and discuss the acquisition of English as a second language. Examples will concentrate on the second language acquisition of English.

Learning Objective

  • • Describe some of the major ideas in the study of SLA
  • • Explain some of the principles underlying the study of SLA
  • • Discuss some of main the processes of second language acquisition • Demonstrate how English is acquired as a second language in Somalia.



Course Prerequisite