33146 English Reading

Course Description

This course aims to develop the reading comprehension of learners through the experience of reading quality well written selected pieces of writings and publications in the English language. Reading will be taught as an important cognitive process that is central to the acquisition of knowledge in any discipline of study. The main aim of this subject is to enable the student to develop his reading ability where he will be able to analyse the content of texts when reading. In addition, the student should develop the ability to extract necessary information from texts through reading with comprehension. This course therefore introduces students to a wide variety of selected texts from different sources. Texts will also vary in length and content. Texts are chosen that will elicit different kinds of responses to texts needed by students such as identifying the main points of texts, summarizing, textual criticism, comparison, taking and making notes from readings and answering comprehension questions.

Learning Objective

  • • Develop his/her reading skills and ability
  • • Analyse content of reading materials for example articles, passages, excerpts from different sources etc.
  • • Extract main information from texts. • Demonstrate ability to answer reading comprehension questions.



Books for this Course

  • Reading, thinking, writing by Mary S. Lawrence; and some Readings and reading skills from the internet and other different books; also a book called Phrasal Verbs in English by Michael McCarthy

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite