33114 Phonetics & phonology of English

Course Description

The main aim of this subject is to introduce students to the phonetics and phonology of English. Students will be introduced to the science of speech sounds, sound segments and sound sequences of the English language and scientific methods of analysis, description and transcription of the phonetic and phonemic system of the English language. The course will deal with the theory of the phoneme and the articulatory features of English sounds from the phonetic and phonological perspectives. This course presents the basic theoretical approaches needed to understand phonetics, phonology and the pronunciation of English in a well-structured sequence of topics and lessons covering the production of speech sounds, phonemes and symbols representing them, vowel sounds, consonant sounds e.g.
Plosives, fricatives, affricates, nasals, and other consonant sounds; the study of the English syllable and suprasegmental features like stress and intonation.

Learning Objective

  • • Demonstrate comprehension of the scientific methods of the study of phonetics
  • • Write symbols used to represent sounds
  • • Describe the sounds of the English language • Demonstrate ability to give phonetic and phonemic transcriptions of English words • Practical use of sound English pronunciation • Differentiate between structures and functions of written alphabetical representation of language (orthography) and the phonetic representation of language (the international phonetic alphabet)



Books for this Course

  • Peter Roach-English Phonetics and Phonology

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite