33112 Listening Comprehension

Course Description

This is an intensive course concentrating on one of the major communication skills: listening. The principal aim of this subject is two-fold: to train students to develop the capacity and processes of effective listening in its own right as an important skill to be learnt as part of good communication skills as well as develop skills of listening and comprehension of the English language through listening to English Language audio and video resources such as recorded tapes, CDs, and video tapes to enable students to develop effective listening and understanding of language in various practical situations in daily life.

Learning Objective

  • • Demonstrate capacity to listen well
  • • Listen effectively to spoken the English Language
  • • Have practical understanding of language in diverse situations. • Apply effective listening skills to audio-lingual sources such as recorded tapes, CDs, radio and television programs etc. • Demonstrate effective use of listening skills to different topics and subjects.



Books for this Course

  • BaljitNijjar and Janet Searle-Edexel IGSCE: English as a Second Language

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016