25136 Genetics

Course Description

This course includes a detailed study of introduction to genetics, Mendelian genetics, chromosomes structure and functions, linkage maps and crossing ova, classical transmission of nucleic acid structure and functions and component of DNA provides an introduction to the principles of humans and molecular techniques of genetics.

Learning Objective

  •  Discuss the basic principles of inheritance at the molecular, cellular and organismal levels.
  •  Describe Stages of mitosis and meiosis, highlighting similarities and differences.
  •  Explain origins of genetic variation, including independent assortment and crossing over, which happen during meiosis, combined with random fertilization.
  •  Extensions of Mendelian genetics, including different forms of allelic relationships
  •  Discuss inheritance of linked genes, including recombination mapping, and the physical basis of these rules (chromosomal behavior during meiosis)
  •  Describe DNA as the genetic material; basic mechanism of DNA replication, transcription & translation
  •  Explain mutations as an additional source of genetic variation; a role for mutations in disease



Books for this Course

  • 1. An introduction to Genetic analaysis, Antony J.F Griffiths ,Jeffrey H.Miller,David T.Suzuki, Richard C.Lewontin&William M.Gelbartm 5th edition
  • 2. Basic of Medical Genetics,AITBS PUPLISHERS,INDIA,G.P.PAL 2012

Times Offered

  • September
  • January

Course Prerequisite