25127 Zoology (2)

Course Description

This course is continuation of zoology (1).  It consists of the study of biology of invertebrate that representatives from the phyla in the mollusk and most animal phyla from sponges, phylum porifera, through to phyla in the kingdom protista will be examined. Approximately 11 phyla and 18 classes distributed throughout these 11 phyla are studied. In addition adaptive reasons for the evolution of this diversity will be discussed. The role of invertebrates in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems will be emphasized to prepare students for the broader examination of ecology and population biology in more senior level courses.   Three hours of lecture per week.

Learning Objective

  • 1. Understand diversity and evolutionary relationship of animals
  • 2. Explain the basic structure and function of different groups of invertebrates & vertebrates
  • 3. Identify common organisms to broad groups ( e.g phyla)
  • 4. Explain mechanical function of the skeleton.
  • 5. synthesize and evaluate information from readings to write essay.



Books for this Course

  • 1. Life Science,Alton Biggs,Edward Ortleb&Peter Rillero
  • 2. Biology, Miller&Levine,3rd edition
  • 3. Biology Living System, Raymon F.oram,Paul J.Hummer, Jr.Robert and C.Smoot, 4th edition

Times Offered

  • September
  • January

Course Prerequisite