24144 Applied Mathematics (1)

Course Description

Topics include: Straight lines and linear functions, systems linear equations and matrixes, geometric approach of linear programming, mathematics of finance, Marcov chains and theory of games.

Learning Objective

  • A successful completion of this course, Students should be able to:-
  • 1. To provide students with background in the quantitative techniques necessary to better understand and appreciate topics and courses (straight line and linear function, systems of linear equations and matrices, linear algebra), that are normally taking in semester1througth semester6, by giving emphasis to real –world applications from these subjects
  • 2. To have students able to explain and apply the concepts of markov chain ( A special stochastic process), Game theory, and mathematics of finance into a real life



Books for this Course

  • Applied Finet Mathematics, T.S tand

Times Offered

  • September
  • January