24132 Linear Algebra

Course Description

Topics include: Matrices(  matrix, raw matrix, column matrix, transpose of matrix, square matrix, lower triangular matrix, upper triangular matrix), Matrix algebra(equal matrix, addition, subtraction multiplication of matrices), inverse matrices, properties of inverse matrix, terminology and notation for systems of linear algebra equations: , methods of solving a system of linear equations (Gaussian elimination, Gaus-Jordan technique )and Determinants, properties of Determinants, cofactor expansions, adjoint method for computing , additional method for solving  (Cramer’s rule), vector spaces:(vector in Rn, Definition of vector spaces, sub spaces, spanning sets, linear dependence and linear independence, basis and dimension, row space and the column space.

Learning Objective

  • At the end of the Course, students should know basic concepts of matrices and they enable to solve systems by using different methods such as Gaussian Elimination, Gauss-Jordan Elimination, and Inverse of a Square Matrix. We expect that the students should able to use some properties of determinant and students will use it to solve linear systems.



Books for this Course

  • Differential Equations&Linear Algebra, Stephan W.Goode, 2nd edition

Times Offered

  • September
  • February