2124 Educational Management

Course Description

Educational management in perspective, development of management, theories of motivation and job, leadership, authority and power, discipline, communication, decision making, supervision(General and instructive), financial management in education, human resource development in education.


Learning Objective

  • On completion of this course, the learner should be able to:
  • 1. explain conceptual issues in politics and educational management ;
  • 2. examine the influence of politics on decision making in educational management;
  • 3. discuss contemporary issues in educational management;
  • 4. apply political principles in policy formulation and implementation; 5. describe theoretical framework in policy making process ; 6. acquire skills and knowledge in influencing the behaviour of other people ; 7. understand, Scope , Purpose of Education and educational system ; 8. define educational management ; 9. identify functional Areas of educational management; 10. recognize purpose of educational management; 11. classify element of educational management; 12. identify impact of politics on educational management ; 13. understand the role education plays in political system development; 14. understand political factors and educational management, and 15. rcognize constitutional provisions for educational management in Somalia this includes:Local Government ‘s role in education management state government’ s role in education management and federal government’ s role in education management.



Books for this Course

  • Educational Management (Theory and Practice), J.A.Okumbe

Times Offered

  • September
  • January