2122 Research Methods in Edu & Psychology Sciences

Course Description

Methods of acquiring knowledge, what research and educational research are. Research design, research instruments, historical research, descriptive research, experimental research, interpretation of data.

Learning Objective

  • At the end of this course, students should be able to
  • 1. understand the concept of research and educational research
  • 2. comprehend the types, method, tools, and techniques of educational research
  • 3. develop a scientific outlook towards the problems of education system through research
  • 4. realize the educational problems and to try and find solutions through research. 5. use the library, online sources and other sources of knowledge for educational research



Books for this Course

  • 1. Dr.Saed's Notes of Educational Research
  • 2. Educational and Psychological Research Methods, Alice C.Mello Cavallo

Times Offered

  • September
  • January