2121 Methodology of Teaching

Course Description

Introduction to (meaning of teaching, learning, training, education and their principles and their differentiations), system approach to teaching and learning, aims and objectives of education, teaching strategies, transmission methods, facilitation methods, planning for teaching, motivation in teaching and learning. Communication in the classroom, providing for individual differences.

Learning Objective

  • 1. State the professional relationship between the teacher and the child
  • 2. Explain the stages in lesson plan preparation
  • 3. List the various methods of teaching and where each is applicable
  • 4. State how best you can control your classroom without much disciplinary problem
  • 5. Enumerate types of question, the characteristics and guidelines for questioning
  • 6. State types of tests and purpose of evaluation
  • 7. Explain the purpose of marking, of assignments and of assigning marks and grades
  • 8. List types of audio-visual aids and their significance in teaching



Books for this Course

  • Principles,Methods&Techniques of Teaching, J.C.Aggarwal,2nd edition

Times Offered

  • September
  • January