2115 Principles of Education

Course Description

Background of foundation of education, the components of foundations of education, the relevance of philosophy, sociology, and psychology of education to the foundations of education, aims of education, children as learners, the making of the profession o teaching, some approaches to teaching.

Learning Objective

  • On successful completion of this course, the learner shouldbe able to: 1. Explain the meaning and enumerate the goals and objectives of education;
  • 2. Describe the concept of philosophy and specify the scope and functions;
  • 3. Discuss the relationships between philosophy and education; 4. Describe the approaches of philosophy in education; 5. Give the importance of philosophy to the teacher; 6. Discuss the philosophers and their philosophies ; 7. Explain curriculum in relation to the nature of Education in Somalia; 8. Define the concept of metaphysics ; 9. Analyze the educational implications of Realism ; 10. Specify a realist curriculum; 11. Explain axiology and its importance to education ; 12. Describe logic and its divisions ; 13. Discuss the main importance of logic; 14. Define epistemology ;and 15. Enumerate the types of knowledge



Books for this Course

  • Foundations of Education for Educational Institution, Dr. E.H.K Nsuabaga

Times Offered

  • September
  • January