Mogadishu University participates International Universities Council (IUC) Confrence executed with the honours and collaborations of European University of Lefke, with 40 participants including universities’ rectors who were predominant from 15 different countries.   The conference, which started with the opening ceremony that was organized in EUL Rauf Raif Denktaş Education Complex Conference Hall, continued with the


Mogadishu University participated 29th October Republic Day of Turkey.    


What was favourable to us , that the students of the faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences are contuning their monthly test(1) for academic year – 2015-2016. And we wish all of them success to all their journey of this year.    


Students in  Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences Continuing their monthly test (1) for academic year – 2015-2016.      



Mr.Mustafa Abdullahi Feiruz who had provided a lecture concerning about (A notable constitutional landmark in the history of mankind), this lecture was benefit of large number of students, especially the faculty of political science & information.     

First Examination for The First Semester of academic year 2015-2016. Students of all faculties in Mogadishu University sat for first examination of academic year 2015-2016 . This exam is will be finished approximately on 3-11-2015 .        

MU Exam

Mogadishu University post graduate program launched on 3/6/2015 with: Master in education. Master in Health Management Sciences. Master in Comparative law. Master in Origins of fiqh. This exam is the first examination ever held by Mogadishu University Post Graduate program.      

Post-mortem Inspection…

Sunday, 18 October 2015 by

Post-mortem Inspection Faculty of Nursing and Health SciencesStudents of Mogadishu University especially, Public Health department (PH-A) havedesignedmeat inspection (post-mortem inspection)with under supervision Abdi Dhimbil Hassan. After undertaking Postmortem inspection students will be expected to understand fully the below objective and function of meat inspection Objectives: To inform students of the history associated with the laws


Imtixaanka Ogolaanshaha 2015/2016. Qeybtii 1-aad ee  kamid ah ardayda  iska diiwaangalisay MU ayaa maanta oo ay taariikhdu tahay  25/8/2015  ufariistay imtixaankii qabuulka ama ogolaanshaha kamid noqoshada Jaamacadda Muqdisho sanad waxbarashadeedka 2015-2016. Imtixaankan ayaa ka bilawday dhamaan xarumaha kala duwan ee ay jaamacadu ku leedahay magaalada muqdisho iyadoo ardaydii imtixaankan u fariisatay wajiyadooda laga dheehan karayay dadaal