(06 – Jan – 2018 ) The beginning of the final Examinations for the First Semester


(04 – Jan – 2018 ) The Closing Ceremony for  ( FEDENA ) Training.


(30 – Dec – 2017 ) The 4th Professional Training on Campus Management System ( FEDENA ) Implemented by Technology & Media Office.


( 21 – Dec – 2017 ) This year’s convocation was successful with the graduation of 800 students , from different fields of science, technology, and humanity and social sciences. The ceremony was participated by the families of the graduates, heads of other universities, community organizations, business community, and other international partner organizations.


( 12 -Dec-2017) Research Unit of MU has conducted a training tour from different  Faculties on scientific research which is one of the fundamental activities of the Research Unit. The main topics of the training include MU format of graduation Thesis and applying KoBo Collect for data collection.


(23-Nov-2017)   Department of Civil Engineering of Mogadishu University is going to offer Professional Diploma Program. For this reason, an inauguration of diploma program was arranged on November 22, 2017. In the presence of Cheif guest, special guest and more than hundred students from different Faculties made the program livable. Engr. Aminul Islam Sohan introduced all offered diploma courses


(22-Nov-2017)   A public lecture on ” Politics & Governance in Somalia: A new Vision ” organized by the faculty of Political Science & Public Administration and presented by : Dr. Abdulkadir Moallim Geddi  


(20-Nov-2017)   Post-graduate Program organizes A one-Day workshop on ( Experiences in Somali Diplomacy ) presented by : Ambassador. Sayid Ahmed Sh. Dahir.    


(16-Nov-2017)   A one Day workshop on evaluating the new English Course at Mogadishu University facilitated by Institute of Languages.    


(01- Nov – 2017) The beginning of the examinations of MU post-graduate program.