Mr. Abdulkarim Daud Nur

Mr. Abdulkarim Daud Nur


  • A political science, Faculty of political science at lafoof soviet.
  • Teacher Training at Jamal Abdinasir Academic in Mogadishu
  • Secondary Certificate at Jamal Abdinasir School

Professional Experience

  • 2005 up to now        Full Lecturer lecturer of Faculty of Political Science &

Information at Mogadishu University

  • 24/11/1979-19/12/1980 Somali Military force X.D.S,
  • 5/1/1981/1990     Lecturer faculty of Political science and Journalism at Somali National University
  • Worked with Department of National Daaq
  • 1993-2014      civil Society empowering like reconciliation and education
  • 1993-2005      vice- Director and full Director of so money schools in Mogadishu like Ahmed Bin Xanbal, Tadamun, Zubeir, Husein Sheikh Rshid, Abdullahi Ise , and Al xigma school.