Mr.Abdulkadir Sh. Ahmed Maye

Mr.Abdulkadir Sh. Ahmed Maye

Abdulkadir Sh. Ahmed Maye is graduated in Sharia And Law from Mogadishu  University, since 2001, post-graduated, mastered and currently obtaining PhD diploma in Comparative Law, from Umu Dorman Islamic University, in Sudan.

In 1992, started working as a Teacher in Al-Ansar Institute, Somalia, until 1994, when he became a Principal in Sheik Ali Maye School, Somalia, until 1997. In 1999, he worked as a Teacher in Abdullahi Isse School, Mogadishu, until 2002.

From 2006 to 2010, he worked as Member of the Committee for Examination, Member of the Committee for Reviewing the Regulation of Study and Examinations, Member of the Committee for Reviewing the Regulation of Postgraduate and as Lecturer in Faculty of Sharia and Law for Mogadishu University.

In January of 2011, he became Facilitator for Peace Development Program, supported by Access for Support and Development Centre and implemented by Mogadishu University.

From 2008 until nowadays, he attends as Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Mogadishu University.

Speaks Somali, Arabic and English.

  • September of 2014: participated in the 11º Annual International Humanitarian Law Round Table Faculties of Law in East African Universities, held in Kenya.


  • In June of 2014: participated in the Professional Training to the Trainers held in Mogadishu –Somalia .


  • December of 2013: participated in the regional workshop Deprived of freedom during Armed Conflict: Islam and International Humanitarian Law held in Kenya.


  • December of 2013:  participated in the International Humanitarian Law Teacher Training Course   held in Kenya.


  • August of 2013: participated in the Professional Training to the Instructors, held in Mogadishu –Somalia .


  • From November of 2012 until February of 2013: Participated in the Training program Combating Organized Crime and Maritime Piracy Implemented by French National School for the Judiciary & the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies-Sharjah , held in sharja, UAE.


  • May of 2012:  participated of the       Human Rights Workshop Curriculum , held in Hargaysa , Somalia.


  • January of 2012: participated in the   Training of Instructors Human rights in Administration of Justices in Djibouti .


  • January of 2011: participated in the workshop Capacity Building on the Basis of the Strategic Plan implemented by Mogadishu University.


  • 2009: participated in the Training of Instructors’ course held in Jibuti .


  • 2007: Participated of the workshop Peace Building, held in Hargaysa , Somalia.


  • 1999-2001 : Educational Training.


  • 1993: Administration Course.