Mr.Abdulahi Mohamed Ibrahim MBA

Mr.Abdulahi Mohamed Ibrahim MBA

Abdullahi Mohammed Ibrahim graduated in Nursing from Mogadishu University, Somalia, he obtained diploma in General nursing from Hight institute of nursing, Mogadishu University in 2003.

In 2003, he started working asa Teacher at Al-Fajri Primary and Secondary School, in 2004 he worked as Assistance Lecturer and clinical supervisor at faculty of Nurse, Mogadishu University.

In the meanwhile, from 2005 on until nowadays, he has been working as lecturer and Head of clinical Supervisory at faculty of nursing. Besides, from 2006 to 2008, he worked as facilitator of FGM awareness conducted by FAKUS and MU, and then from 2009 up to 2010, he has been working in Chairperson Mogadishu Field Nutrition cluster update, and also from 2009 until 2012 he has been working in CTC program Head Nurse of sixteen districts at Mogadishu city.

Speaks Somali, Arabic, Swahili and English.


  • In 2013: He participated in the Course in Community Health, by


  • In 2013: He participated in the Course Nutrition in Emergency, byNutrition Cluster/UNICEF.


  • In 2013: He participated in the Training inFSNAU SMART Nutrition assessment, by FSNAU/FOA.


  • In 2012: He participated  inTraining of Trainers Certificate, by Valid international/Oxfam/SAACID


  • In 2011: He participated in theEPI Co-coordinator Training, by UNICEF/WHO, in the WHO campus.


  • In 2010: He participated in the Training SQUEAC Surveyed Conducted, by Valid International/Oxfam/SAACID.


  • In 2009: He participated in the Course inManagement Acute Malnutrition &and implementation CTC program, in Mogadishu City, by Valid International/Oxfam Novib/SAACID.


  • In 2007: He participated in the Course inSyndromatic Approach Management, by WHO/AMRO in MU campus.


  • In 2006: He participated in the Course inFemale Genital Mutilation, by FAKUS/Mogadishu University.


  • In 2005: He participated in the Course inInternational Humanitarian law, by ICRC/Mogadishu University.


  • In 2005: He participated in theseminar in General Knowledge &leader ship skills in M. campus, by Mogadishu University.


  • In 2004: He participated in the Course inPost- traumatic stress &counseling courses, by I A S.