Admissions & Registration Department Description


  • Manage student registrations and follow-up on their academic performance.
  • Record the results of examinations and give out the certifications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare annual plans with the head department in order to determine key activities relating to the work.
  2. Prepare business forms and identify key procedures for the staff and instruct them to perform these procedures.
  3. Supervise and review the student’s schedule and make sure that the study plans are carried out properly.
  4. Oversee the development test schedule in coordination with the deans of the concerned faculties.
  5. Adjust and record test scores, while ensuring safety and accuracy.
  6. Supervise and prepare for the graduate’s annual celebrations.
  7. Prepare school and university certificate models.
  8. Organize with colleges to develop annual acceptance plans for all faculties.
  9. Prepare exam instructions, which should be constantly updated and distributed among students.
  10. Prepare Student Guides in cooperation with the Office of Student Affairs.
  11. Supervise the overall supply of college cards.
  12. Prepare the annual calendar of the University in collaboration with the Office of Academic Affairs.
  13. Participate in the preparation and development of the school curriculum.
  14. Prepare the periodic reports on the quarterly and annual exam reports and submit them to the head department when necessary.
  15. Oversee the registration units in colleges and determine the working procedures being used.
  16. Implement the orders of the university’s council of registration.
  17. Update the systems and procedures according to the head department.