About RU

The Research Unit of Mogadishu University  is one of the administrative units of MU intended to develop knowledge and inspire a culture of scientific research in  the lecturers and the students who want to publish their research  with  welcoming  all researchers outside of  the university who meet the rules and conditions of publishing  established by  the  Unit, moreover  dissemination of information on the activities and achievements of the university


Excellence, creativity and innovation in scientific research


Preparing privileged system for scientific research, creativity, and innovation capable of generating knowledge with various fields  and its use in serving  the   national  priorities  and  needs ,In addition to the dissemination of information and events related to the activities of the university in accordance with its noble  mission


Issuing refereed  journals in various fields of knowledge

  • Conducting and encouraging  scientific research
  • Cooperation and partnership with the concerned research institutions.
  • Developing and strengthening  human resources of the university for the betterment of the outputs of scientific researches
  • Directing and counselling students  researches and  inspiring culture of research and positive competition among them
  • Publishing the Bulletin of Mogadishu universty

Mogadishu University Scientific Journal

This is a scientific journal issued  annually by the Research Unit of MU  , edited by  Associate Editors and refereed by  Advisor Board  of the University.


The Journal is aimed at providing opportunities for researchers who wish to publish their papers and scientific researches for   different areas.

Language of the  Journal:  English and Arabic



Publication Rules

The Proposal/Thesis Format ( for undergraduate )

Writing  a  scientific research article  format ( For the journal )