A New Success Story for Mogadishu University

by / Saturday, 11 November 2017 / Published in Latest posts

(11-Nov-2017)   Mogadishu University has a proud history of achievements and continues to celebrate for its institutional successes. Based on the primary objectives of the university which is to produce highly qualified and well-skilled manpower for the country, MU graduates have been continuing their higher education degree programs in both local and international universities, including African, Asian, European and American universities.
Therefore, it’s a great pleasure and honor for MU that our hardworking graduates have been seeking further education in countries like UK, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey. Having fulfilled the academic standards of these countries, MU graduates were accepted as, not only students pursuing higher academic studies, but also as professional workers seeking employment opportunities.
For instance, Abdirahman Yasin Mohamed, one of MU alumni, like any other international graduate, has been recently granted an opportunity to work for an American institution with his Mogadishu University undergraduate Degree.
Hence, the university is working hard to ensure that the MU academic quality allows our students to excel in their national and International endeavors and successfully perform on the world stage. For that reason, MU continues to improve systematically as we move closer to realizing our vision of producing national and international leaders in each of our spheres of achievement in education and research.