(31 – Aug- 2017) Dr Idil Osman lectured on the theme entitled “Diasporic Media and Somali Conflict” in the Cilmiwadaag Platform on 31/7/2017 and organised by the Institute of Somali Studies, Mogadishu University.

In the opening, DrIdil Osman shed light upon ‘Situating the Somali Diaspora and their role in humanitarianism and development’, where more than a million fled from the country in one of the longest running humanitarian catastrophe in the world. Nevertheless, they have remained intimately connected to their homeland in various transnational practices; and media is one of the main platforms in this regard.

Diasporic media play a significant role in both: ‘peace and development’ and ‘conflict and violence’. In conflict, diasporic media keeps diaspora connected to conflict dynamics and Re-creating conflict and diaspora engagement with conflict.The video is available here.

The participants raised questions and comments on the topic. Also they suggested valuable recommendations of how to reverse the negative role and to enlarge media engagement in peacebuilding.

Dr Idil Osman is a Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London. DrIdil Osman is an expert on diasporic media and development communications, and has worked for over 12 years as a journalist for the BBC, the Voice of America and the Guardian.She has authored publications that focus on media, migration, development, conflicts in the Horn of Africa and diaspora communities in Europe. Her latest book ‘Media, Diaspora and the Somali Conflict’ is published in 2017.

Eid Mubaarak

(31 – Aug- 2017) Mogadishu University family extends its warmest congratulations and best wishes to you and your families on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, asking Allah almighty to bring peace, blessings and prosperity to our nation.


(30 – Aug -2017) Mogadishu University in collaboration with Shaqadoon organization launched Summer Entrepreneurship Training Course. The purpose of the training is to improve the entrepreneurial mindsets of the university students and to strengthen the internship and apprenticeship programs of the universities. The course will use Build Your Business (BYB) training package, Microsoft developed entrepreneurship training package.  It is a curriculum designed to introduce young people to the basic ideas, actions, and skills needed to successfully launch, lead, and grow a micro or small business.

The beneficiaries of the programs are 30 merit based students from the different faculties of the university, especially the third and fourth year students. The program will last two weeks and the expected outcome is to enable the trainees comfortably and professionally initiate profitable business ideas, conduct effective feasibility study and market researches; and to finally prepare full-fledged marketable business plans.