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( 27 – Feb –  2017 ) A Ceremony for launching & Disseminating the Bi-annual Bulletin of MU Achievements.

A Bi-annual bulletin issued by Mogadishu University research unit- second issue –January 2017.

The President of Mogadishu University Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal Ali Said,  “It gives us great joy to reach our friends with this bulletin of university to display various activities and achievements of Mogadishu university”.


( 25 – Feb –  2017 ) The Closing day for ” University debate in Arabic Language 2015-2016″ …Read More


( 19 – Feb –  2017 ) Convocation Ceremony and the Inauguration of a New University

Mogadishu University campus in Bosasso held its fifth convocation and inaugural ceremony for the opening of the new Red Sea University. This was after the decision to transform the Mogadishu University campus in Bosasso into the Red Sea University. Starting from February 16, 2017 the New Red Sea University became independent from Mogadishu University where the presidents of the two universities, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal of MU and Abdulahi Sheikh Hassan of RS signed a relationship of cooperation between the two Universities.

On this festive occasion, the Vice President of Puntland State has cut the ribbon in a ceremony marking the official opening of the Red Sea University. In addition, representatives from the Puntland Parliament and the two presidents of the respective universities who were present at the ceremony welcomed the opening of the new university.

At the end of the ceremony the government of Puntland presented a certificate of honor to Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, the former President of Mogadishu University and a current member of the Board of Trustees, in his contribution to the Somali education.


( 19 – Feb –  2017) MU President, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal Ali participates in the opening session of the Association of Arab Universities’ Executive Council meeting held at Al-Ain University of Science and Technology at United Arab Emirates. on 18-20 of February.


( 16 – Feb –  2017 ) MU Bosaso Campus Graduation Ceremony for Batch 16.



( 14 – Feb –  2017 ) Prof. Ali Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar Visited Bosaso compus.



( 13 – Feb –  2017 ) The Fifth Batch graduates On February 10, 2017, the Fifth Batch of the Institute of Languages, Mogadishu University, sat for the final Examination. The Batch has finished one year Diploma of English Language.

During the study, the Institute of Languages of Mogadishu University has equipped and trained with these students the four skills of the English Language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In addition, they are also introduced to various levels of English Grammar.

It is the pleasure for the administration of the Institute and Mogadishu University in general to graduate the Fifth Batch, and award them with Diploma in English Language.



( 12 – Feb –  2017 ) ( Faculty of Economics & Management Science ) Preparatory meeting for faculty staff for the second semester of academic year 2016-2017. 

Welcoming Message … Read More

Monday, 06 February 2017 by
Dr Ibrahim

( 6 – Feb –  2017 )    Dear Students and faculty,

I welcome you back to your Faculties and classes after a brief rest.

All our facilities and lecturers have been rearranged and reorganized to encourage and empower you. The objective of this reorganization is to promote your confidence so you can realize your achievement goals.

The process of learning is sometimes complicated and one of the only ways you can overcome it is extra concentration and hard work.

I am very confident that you will succeed again as you have succeeded before during the past semester.

I wish you all success and progress,


Thank you,

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal

President,Mogadishu University


( 5 – Feb –  2017 ) The University’s Relationship Council has their weekly meeting to discuss the progress of the different departments of the university, and review the tasks assigned in the last meeting. Those tasks were mainly about the development of the university’s relationship with the surrounding institutions locally and globally.

Eng. Abdisatar Arabow Ibrahim, Assistant Vice-president for relationship affairs opened and chaired the meeting. The members reported their progress on assigned tasks and proposed new approaches of communication with interested organizations. Eng. Arabow was delighted with the pace of the progress reported. In the closing remarks, Eng. Arabow praised the hard-work, dedication, and the sincerity displayed by the council members.