( 29 – Jan –  2017 )  A one-day workshop on research guidelines for heads of departments, Assistants and secretaries of MU faculties. 


( 28 – Jan –  2017 ) Mogadishu University congratulates and recognizes the efforts of all excellent students from the different departments of the university in Academic year 2015/2016. The President of Mogadishu University Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal Ali encouraged the students to continue their hard work and become role models for their colleagues.

One of the recipient students, Shafi’ Suleiman, stated that it’s a great encouragement for us to win this award. Not only that they have won the award of excellence, but have also received the recognition of their classmates, professors and the university at large.


( 22 – Jan –  2017 )  Relationship council meeting about ” Expanding and arranging MU relations”.


( 22- Jan –  2017 ) Closing day for ” Professional training for administration staff “.


( 21 – Jan –  2017 ) Professional training for Administration staff

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( 18 – Jan –  2017 ) MU academic council meeting about ” The evaluation of Final exams results ” .


( 17 – Jan –  2017 ) Department of civil engineering, Mogadishu University has arranged 3 days long professional development workshop for graduate students. Today Aminul Islam Sohan, Faculty of engineering has successfully finished the first session. 90 civil engineering students from different university were present in this workshop. It will be continued till 19th January 2017.

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( 16 – Jan –  2017 ) The Minister of Djibouti welcomed the delegation of the Association Arab Universities which was consisting of the head of the delegation, Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, former head of the Mutah university, HE Dr. Reza Khawaldeh, and the former head of Mogadishu University, Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, and the director of media and public relations in the Association Mr. Waheeb Karajah.


( 14 – Jan –  2017 ) MU administration council meeting about ” MU fixed Assets re-registration ” .


( 10 – January –  2017 ) Mogadishu University participating three days workshop of quality assurance at Hargeisa. The Workshop on standards for accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education institutes in Somalia.

The workshop is being hosted by the University of Hargiesa from 9 to 11 January, 2017,  in collaboration with the Association of Arab Universities.