(31- December- 2016) Mogadishu University has organized a big honoring event for promting a number of acsdemic staff members. The ceremony was attended by members of both the University council and the Board of Trustee. Three members of the academic staff were awarded with the degree of Professorship where as 6 others were awared with the degree of Associate Professor.

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(31-Dec-2016) All  faculties of Mogadishu University, Mogadishu campus, sat for the final exam of the academic year 2016/2017.

Dr. Mohamed Hassan Nor, Chief Registrar of the University, congratulated the students, and encouraged them to double their efforts. He Said “I am sending my sincere congratulations to our beloved students who sat today for the final examination of this year, wishing them all the best”.

The exam will last up to Jan 10, 2017.


( 27 – December –  2016 ) MU participated in the second IGAD DRY-LAND RESEARCH FORUM 

The second IGAD Dry-land research forum was held in Nairobi on 1-2 of December. In the forum Mogadishu University was represented by Dr. Shariff Osman who presented his ongoing research on Water Harvesting project.

The purpose of the research is to locate and identify potential water lose and/or water resources, such as natural streams, creeks, and ponds, among others, for water harvesting.  Additionally, the water harvesting process should take into consideration the importance of flood control mechanisms during the reservoir construction and/or rehabilitation process.

The objective of this research is to identify the harvestable water resources to promote resilience against droughts by creating a viable means of irrigation for farmers and agro-pastoralists as a solution for such recurrent droughts and to engage communities and local governments to get involved in drought resilience efforts.


( 26 – December –  2016 ) MU academic council meeting about ” Final Examination preparations “.


( 25 – December –  2016 ) Training for MU staff ( Cleaners ) by Dr. Mohamed Hassan Nor and Mr. Ismail Omar Mohamed.


( 24 – December –  2016 ) MU administration council meeting about ” Report writing system development in MU administration” presented by Adam Ahmed Herow.


( 24 – December –  2016 ) MU  Participated in the launch ceremony of The International conference on Youth development held at Djibouti on Dec. 15, 2016 which was organized by EUROMENA for research and Djibouti University. The conference discussed on issues regarding participation of  youth on their national development, strengthening youth nationalism, understanding obstacles against youth development initiatives, and analyzing and understanding the role of youth in the development of the countries south of the Red Sea. The conference was going on for three days to accommodate the discussions and analysis of the participants from Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Comoros Islands, among others. The Somali participants consisted of Mustafa Abdullahi Ali (Dheeg), Dr. Said Abubakar Sh. Ahmed, and Dr. Abdullahi Adam Sh. Hassan of Mogadishu University..


(12 -December-2016) MU president, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal Ali, held meeting with the vice presidents of academic, admin and relations, and the chief registrar to share and discuss the outcome of the extraordinary meeting of the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities.


(10 -December-2016) Ante-mortem Inspection and Post-mortem Inspection Training

Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Health Sciences undertook practical training of ante-mortem and post-mortem animal inspection. Third-year students of public health(C1, C2) participated in the training. The purpose of the training was to help students practically understand how to screen and ensure that all animals are properly diagnosed and appropriately rested before slaughtering.

The training highlighted the following topics:

  • laws governing the slaughter, processing and distribution of meat;
  • Meat inspection and meat classification;
  • Methods of detection and destruction of diseased and contaminated meat;
  • Assurance of clean and sanitary handling meat preparation;
  • Minimization of microbiological contamination of meat;
  • Prevention of adulteration (the addition of harmful substances or products considered improper in certain specified quantities) and the presence of chemical or drug residues.

(10 -December-2016) Honoring the volunteers of the 16th Batch Graduation Ceremony.
Venue: MU Meeting Hall.