(28-November-2016) MU Has Participated 2nd World Islamic Countries University Leaders Summit 2016

The World Islamic Countries University Leaders Summit is a conference series on Higher Education dedicated to being the platform to explore the facets that shape, but often disregarded, in higher education discourses, such as access to higher education, equity, wisdom and ethics as well as the articulation of education for sustainable development. The 1st World Islamic Countries University Leaders Summit 2015 (WICULS 2015) for the first time re-visited the current narratives in Higher Education and sought to bring forth a narrative that captures the spirit and tradition of educating for the well-being of mankind. It was a platform for university leaders from more than 15 countries to connect and deliberate on their roles and responsibilities to bring about a sustainable change in the way universities are managed.


The 2nd Summit, WICULS 2016, will build on the concept of the “House of Wisdom” or Baytul Hikmah as the model of the University of the Future. In order to ensure continuity, the themes of the 1st Summit, equity, wisdom and ethics, will remain the same although the approach will revolve around the Baytul Hikmah model. Among the areas that can be highlighted is familiarization on the approach and challenges in implementing education for sustainable development and also addressing real issues pertaining to access and equity in education. The needs of the individual, community, nation and Ummah need to be addressed accordingly in order to initiate a good Model of balanced and sustainable higher education for Muslim countries.

Also, MU Has Participated Pre-Summit International Conference on Qalb (Virtues) -Guided Leadership in Higher Education Institutions.

The Pre-Summit International Conference acts as a platform to discuss relevant issues and challenges in aligning the role of Universities to educate both the Hearts and Minds. The focus will be given to return the soul and ethics driven education in the eco-system of HEIs. This summit is also aimed to discuss the role of Qalb (Virtues) in actualizing a visionary, courageous and dynamic leadership. In this respect, this summit will discuss the association of Qalb (Virtues) and leadership from both the theoretical and practical knowledge.

The notion of being  a genuine leader who upholds honesty, sincerity and integrity and knows how to implementing it is a paramount scope of this summit. Therefore this summit welcome all scholars and practitioners in the field of Education, Leadership, Social Studies, Management, Islamic Studies and others to present paper and research findings for the benefits of effective and sustainable leadership to the HEIs and society at large.


(28-November-2016) Students of the Faculty of  Health Sciences are Continuing their monthly test(2) for the Academic year – 2016-2017.


(27- November- 2016) The Opening ceremony was attended by administration, academic members and the students of the University. Among the speakers were Prof. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, former president and a member of the Board of Trustees and Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal, the president of the University. Both of them emphasized the importance of the Digital library for lecturers, researchers  and students. The library will help students and lectures to have access to  more than 32 million digital resources which will improve the quality of education.


(26 – November- 2016) All the faculties of Mogadishu University, Mogadishu campus, sat Saturday Nov 26-2016, for the monthly test (2) of academic year 2016/2017.

The exam will last up to December 3, 2016.

‪#‎All the best everyone!


(22 – November- 2016) The Faculty of Engineering of the university held an opening ceremony for new labs.The opening ceremony was attended by both administrative and academic members and the students of the Faculty of Engineering. Among the speakers were Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal, the president of the university and Prof. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, former president and a member of the Board of Trustees who spoke the importance of the new labs for the faculty of Engineering and they said that the university brought these new labs as part of the University’s commitment to being a world-class and provide its students the most advanced scientific equipments and labs.

They also spoke that the new labs will allow the students to undertake practical experiments, combining theoretical and practical exercises, as well as strengthening teaching, learning and research. Finally, the guests toured the new lab areas.


(20 – November- 2016) Students of the Faculty of Sharia and Law at Mogadishu University are engaged in academic discussion towards topics related to the current juristic issues facing the country.

Students often monitor and evaluate the recovery of the country from the civil war, and openly debate about how the Somali public is coping and adjusting towards this slow and paiful recovery. In addition, Students discuss the effectiveness of the application of the rule of law and the role of education towards this recovery. This discussion took place at the central library of the university with the objective to prepare a new generation of jurists for the countery in the current and the future.


(13 – November- 2016)  Mogadishu University has held an Opening Ceremony for Engineering and Medicine labs.


(3- November- 2016) Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Adam (Marko) who had provided a workshop concerning about (Research methodology “Data Analysis Using STATA /SPSS”), this workshop was benefit of large number of students, especially the faculty of Economics and Management Sciences.

The students of the faculty of Economics and Management Sciences actively participated as the workshop was informative, interesting and quite well-delivered.


(3- November- 2016) MU Has Participated 9th Leadership Development Workshop conference that was held for the African Universities leaders were arranged (Association of African Universities) were took into place for the capital city of Accra (Ghana), this workshop were continuing for 5 days b/w 24- 28 October, so in the MU side were represented Dr. Mohamed Hassan Nor, the Chief Registrar, finally this training or workshop were concluded in a successful way.


(2- November- 2016)  Today, Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016, Mogadishu University has held an opening ceremony to officially launch a Legal Clinic Center attached to the university faculty of Sharia and Law. Mogadishu University, in collaboration with its friend institutions (local and international), has established this Legal Clinic Center, the first of its kind in South and Central Somalia, with the vision to be “a premier Legal Clinic provider in the Horn of Africa that ensures the protection of human rights, Rule of Law, the and justice for all.”

The objective of the legal clinic center is to provide practical legal education to the faculty students, to provide free and pro-poor legal services for vulnerable groups of the society and to raise legal awareness of the society regarded to their legal rights and legal obligations.

The dean faculty of Sharia and Law, Mr. Abdulkadir Sheikh Ahmed Maye, has primarily opened the ceremony and emphasized the importance of this center to achieve the academic objectives of the faculty and for the success of the faculty graduates. Some of the legal aid provider institutions have attended the ceremony and shared their field experiences (opportunities and challenges). Some of the university graduates from the Faculty of Sharia and Law who are currently serving in Somali Justice Institutions have shared their success stories and expressed how the university scholarship and internship programs have helped them to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical and marketable skills.

Finally, Mogadishu University President Dr.Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal Ali has concluded the ceremony by officially opening the university Legal Clinic Center. Dr. Ibrahim has also acknowledged the university friend institutions (local and international) for their support to establish this highly needed legal institution.