Engineering Workshop


Mogadishu University faculty of Engineering invites you to three days Workshop in August  to be held at the Institute of Languages Campus.

The workshop aims at to bring together academicians from multiple walks of life, leading engineers, industry researchers and expertise in the Engineering fields to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of structural and civil engineering, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

It is free workshop organized by Mogadishu University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering.

The topics of discussions includes:

  1. Infrastructure problems in Somalia-Roads, Drainage & Sewer system.
  2. Application of Surveying.
  3. Construction Issues in Somalia-Present and future possibilities.

Kindly don’t miss it.

For any query contact on 615980656 E-mail:

MU LOGO 2016

(26-July-2016) Legal Clinic Director Vacancy

Job Description

Agency:                                   Mogadishu University

Title:                                       Legal Clinic Director

Duty Station:                          Mogadishu, Somalia

Language:                              English

Contract Duration:                1 year

Deadline:                                July 31, 2016


Legal Clinic Establishment

  1. Develop the Legal Clinic Terms of Reference including the policy and criteria for the receipt and admission of cases for legal aid in consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  2. Develop the strategic direction of the Legal Clinic to ensure its financial sustainability.
  3. Develop legal clinic manuals, gridlines, policies and procedures to ensure the system of the clinic facility is well established.

Management of the Provision of Legal Aid

  1. Provide free legal services for vulnerable groups, in particular women, children, survivors of SGBV, IDPs, and refugees, the elderly and minorities.
  2. Carry out prison and police custody visits and provide free legal assistance and representation for individuals on remand status and in pre-trail detention.
  3. Raise awareness among key criminal justice stakeholders and civil society on legal aid, access to justice and the legal clinic’s legal services as prerequisite for the development and maintenance of a just and fair criminal justice system and with a particular focus on marginalized individuals in the community;
  4. Run a paralegal scheme to refer where appropriate legal cases from the traditional to the formal justice system, raise legal awareness and contribute to settle disputes through mediation and arbitration at IDPs camps and community level.
  5. Monitor and report human rights abuses, with a particular focus on human rights violations occurring in prison and police custody and/or committed by the Law Enforcement Authorities.
  6. Be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of detailed case files and a case database in English for lawyer and paralegals’ cases. The database will include, but is not limited to, the details of the cases, competent court, type of cases, action taken and outcome; Monitor the work of the two paralegals, and provide them mentoring as well as training.
  7. Publicizes the legal aid services provided by the clinic to the general public.
  8. Determine whether cases meet the criteria for legal aid; ensuring that the clinic only takes on cases of those persons who are economically deprived; and that income eligibility and client intake forms are completed for every case taken on by a lawyer.
  9. Maintain and develop the case register database in English. The database will include, but is not limited to, the details of the case, court, type of cases, action taken and outcome.
  10. Engage in building awareness of Legal Clinic activities, access to justice and human rights issues by organizing workshops, conducting legal awareness campaigns, and publication of the Legal Clinic Magazine.
  11. Assist in preparing, leading and participating in sessions of clinical workshops and advocacy seminars.
  12. Create partnerships with all relevant stakeholders including the justice institutions, legal aid providers, and other civil society organizations.
  13. Submit a monthly report in English on the Clinic’s legal caseload and legal operations.
  14. Manage and supervise all the Legal Clinic Staff and their professional development.
  15. Monitor staff performance and ensure that staff performs duties as described in their terms of reference and to a satisfactory standard.

Students Training

  1. Ensure that all paralegals and internship students participate in specific trainings aimed at increasing their confidence in issues such as basic principles of laws and legal procedure, basics of criminal law and procedure, basics of civil law and procedure, structure of the court, including basics of the Organization of the Judiciary Law 1962, counseling and communication skills, ethics, confidentiality, human and children’s rights, gender-related protection issues, conflict resolution and mediation as well as practical skills in communication, interviewing, reporting, computing and file management.
  2. Develop, review and oversee the clinical education curriculum in conjunction with the faculty of Sharia and Law.
  3. Ensure appropriate use and development of staff and students to deliver the strategic vision and projects of the Legal Clinic.


  1. Demonstrates integrity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness in daily activities and behaviors.
  2. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
  3. Leads teams effectively and shows mentoring as well as conflict resolutions skills.
  4. Demonstrates ability to share knowledge, mentor and coach people so as to transfer skills.
  5. Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback.
  6. Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
  7. Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
  8. Understanding of gender issues highly desirable.
  9. Demonstrates competence in advancing awareness of gender issues in the justice sector required


  1. Being a qualified lawyer is a requirement.
  2. University degree in the field of law
  3. Minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in the Somali justice sector with at least two years of experience in the provision of legal aid service and management of legal clinics.
  4. Knowledge and experience in working within the spheres of Somali public sector especially the justice sector.

The interested applicants are advised to direct their application documents (updated CVs and cover letters) to this email:  ( before the above-mentioned deadline.

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(05-July-2016) MU Institute of Languages Launches Arabic language training A training seminar aimed to raise and strengthen the competencies of Arabic students was launched in the Institute of Languages of Mogadishu University.

An opening statement by Abdiweli Sheikh Mohamed, head of the institute, welcomed the students and  stressed the importance of learning languages as key to knowledge and broaden career.

This is followed by Mr. Ali Dahir assistant vice academic affairs, who said that the students were selected from 9 faculties of MU and stressed the importance of this seminar training which will last for two months and that at the end of training certificates will be given to the trainees.

Among other speakers, Dr Shidde Ali Shidde, and Dr. Abdishakur Sheikh Ahmed Fiqi who both stressed the significant of learning Arabic language for Somali society and encouraged the trainees to take advantage this opportunity

In a concluding remarks, Dr. Mohamed Hussien (Liban), who spoke on behalf of MU, thanked the Institute of Languages and the Faculty of Arts, organizers of the training seminar of Arabic Languge. He also thanked the participants and underlined the importance of learning Arabic language as it’s the language of the Holy Quran and encouraged the trainees to avail themselves of this opportunity.