(14-June-2016) Mogadishu University and Qatar Charity’s (QC) Somalia office organized a Collective Iftar for sponsored students by Qatar charity.


(13-June-2016) Launch of “Qaskii loo Durbaan Tumay”, New Poetry Collection, Reading and Book-Signing.

ISOS organized a launch event for a newly printed book “QASKII LOO DURBAAN TUMAY”.

This book is collection of poems by two poets: Dr Ali Sheikh Ahmed and Abdirashid Omer “ Ina Cawsgurow”. Most of the poems in this collection are composed in the last two decades.

Dr Ali Sheikh Ahmed is an Islamic scholar and the president of Mogadishu University. Mr Ina Cawsgurow is a well-known poet in the Horn of Africa, he writes his poems in Somali language, also in Kiswahili and English Languages. Most Somali poems of Ina Cawsguroware in “saar” genre.

Two SomaliLiterature Scholars, Abdulkadir Nur “Maax” and Abdulkadir Ahmed “Jubba”, presented their literary comments on this book “Qaskii loo Durbaan Tumay”. Then the two poets presented their readings of  selected poems. for more information about isos click here


(07-June-2016) MU president, Prof. Ali Sheikh Ahmed visited the various exam sites of the university where students were sitting for the final examinations, academic year 2015/2016.

During the visit, the president went through all exam sites to inspect and observe the ongoing exams.

Finally, the president, who was accompanied by the assistant vice academic affairs, Mr Ali Dahir, wished the best and good luck with their exams.


(12-June-2016) Different faculties in Mogadishu University, Mogadishu campus concluded for the final exam of the academic year 2015/2016, therefore we hope everyone succeed and better future. 


(06-June-2016) MU President Congratulates MU Students On the occasion of the final examination, academic year 2015/2016, the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, paid a visit to all departments of the University whereby the students were participating in the final exam.

During his visit, Prof. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, President of Mogadishu University, went through all the examination centers, and he expressed his best wishes to them. “Congratulations for this great event, and we encourage you to continue the struggle for seeking Knowledge”. Prof. Ali said. He also sent his heartfelt congratulations to those who are graduating this academic year of 2015/2016.


(5-June-2016) Today is the second final examination of the Mogadishu University at the Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences, well smoothly done in exam situation in general. ‪#‎All‬ the best everyone! ‪#‎Mogadishu‬ campus                  


(4-June-2016) All the faculties of Mogadishu University, Mogadishu campus, sat Saturday June 4, 2016 for the final exam of academic year 2015/2016. “Today it is a great day for us to sit for the Final examination. This was a long waiting day, and I am so happy to see that my dream has realized” remarked by