(27-April-2016) Institute for Somali Studies organized a two day workshop on “Build your search skills and become better online researcher”.

The workshop aims at developing the skills of finding information in the internetefficiently and evaluating the quality of that information. Also, aims to familiarize the participants with the online resources, especially academic databases and how to find journal articles.

The workshop is organized, under the Somali Young Researchers Initiative, as part of research capacity building program for young researchers.

The workshop facilitated by InjSayyid Ali Hussein Gaabane, faculty of computer science and IT, Mogadishu University.

Somali Young Researchers Initiative (SYR)  is a means to explore and ignite the potential capacity of Somali young researchers, and aims at promoting outstanding students andprepare and train them to engage in research in Somali Studies.


(26-April-2016)  Under the Somali Young Researchers Initiative, ISOS held a workshop on “Notes on Scientific Research in Somalia ” presented by Dr Abdiqani Ahmed Farah.

Dr Abdiqani discussed the situation of scientific research in Somalia with emphasizing its importance, particularly in the current context of Somalia. Also Dr Abdiqani explored the difficulties and problems which are hindering this field. The participants, Somali young researchers, shared their experience.

The workshop aimed at familiarizing the young researchers with the background and the current issues of scientific research in Somalia.

Dr. Abdiqani Ahmed Farah (PhD, University of Glasgow) is an environmental scientist with wide interests in higher education in postconflict Somalia.


(23-April-2016) A Lecture entitled “Somalia, the Camel boy Culture and its implications for the political elite” was held at the Faculty of Political Science and Information A public lecture delivered by Dr. Shariff Osman was held at Faculty of Political Science and Information on April 19 2016. The title of the lecture was “Somalia, the Camel

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(23-April-2016) Educational journey for Students of the different faculties at MU. Team of Mogadishu University Students arrived at Cyprus safely today afternoon. This team of 6 members travelled from Aden Adde International Airport, passing through Wajer, Jomma Kenyata and Istanbul airports and finally arrived comfortably and safely in Cyprus  for educational issues participating International meeting


(23-April-2016) Honoring the Volunteers of the 15th  Batch Graduation Ceremony .                                                                                          


(11-April-2016) Mr- Farah Omar Nor, had provided Workshop on “HOW TO DESIGN AND PRODUCE RADIO DRAMA?”, this workshop was benefit of large number of students, especially the faculty of Political Science & information.