(17-February-2016) Symposium on Conflict Transformation, Dialogue & Reconciliation A four-day Symposium on Conflict Transformation, Dialogue & Reconciliation was concluded in Bosaso campus of Mogadishu University. The Symposium, which was intended for some of MU students, was presented by Dr. Yusuf Sheikh Omar and Dr Khadijo Mohamed Osman from Global reconciliation.            

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(06-February-2016) Closing Ceremony for football Tournament between (FONHS) sports teams. Organized by Public Health (A).                                                                                  

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(04-February-2016) Regular meeting of the faculty of sharia & Law staff Place: Faculty of share a &law Participants 1. Assistant vice president academic affairs. 2. Dean of the Faculty. 3. Head of faculty departments. 4. All teachers of the faculty. Agendas of the Meeting 1. Course syllabus development. 2. Making schemes of the work for the


(01-February-2016) ) Different faculties of MU Bossaso Campus have finished their final examination. we hope everyone succeed and better future.