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(31-December -2015) ISOS organized a roundtable discussion on “Somali Youth Migration: Drivers, Intentions& Solutions – Views & Narrations of Mogadishu Youth”on 17 December, 2015. The roundtable gathered youth participants to share their views and opinions towards this problem. The participants were in the age of 20s. Some of them experienced the migration and crossed few countries


(31-December -2015) Reporting the Hardest Stories in the Midst of Violence,Under Cilmiwadaag Platform Program, ISOS organized a discussion on “A Decade of Reporting the Hardest Stories in the Midst of Violence: Lessons in Reporting Conflict, Crises and Trauma”presented by Mr-Mohamed Ibrahim “Moalimuu” of BBC Somali Service, on 24 December, 2015. Mr-Moalimuu shared with the participants his

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(30 -December -2015) Lecture on the characteristics of somali press, presented by: Dr.Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal.                                 


(29 -December -2015) Mogadishu University Academic council runs “curriculum development ” workshop.                               


(24 -December -2015) The Third Cohort of Teacher Trainees Graduates On December, 2015, Mogadishu University organized a graduation ceremony whereby 80 (28 female and 52 Male) Teacher Trainees were awarded certificates. The Two-year training program was started on September 2013, and was held for in-service trainees in both primary and secondary levels. Also, Pre-service trainees were


(21 -December -2015) A farewell party was organized for MU students who will participate in the Horn of Africa athletics that is to take place in Djibouti.                                  


(19 -December -2015) Mogadishu university, public health department fourth year went to give Health Education and Health promotion massage on filed  level in Wadajir and Wardhigley health centers. The health sessions given include: 1- Importance of immunization for children & women child being age. 2- Breast feeding (exclusive breast feeding). 3- Danger signs in  children. 4- Danger signs


(10 -December -2015) Mogadishu University Administration discussed many Aspects of mu strategic plan.                                 


(9-December -2015) Important Notice Mogadishu University, which provides high quality education with an international recognition, as well as receiving international prestigious awards. In collaboration with other international universities, MU has been offering postgraduate studies for many years. Are you interested in pursuing master programs? Are you interested in achieving your dreams? Those of you who are


(8-December -2015) Different faculties in Mogadishu University concluded monthly test (2)  , therefore we hope everyone succeed and better future.